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Becoming a Confident Learners school

Becoming a Confident Learners school means making a school-wide commitment to ensure all students become fluent readers by the end of Grade 3. In order to support the achievement of this goal, Confident Learners schools:
  • Establish an implementation team (typically an aggregate lead, school principal and literacy lead) to set school goals and ensure staff receive the support they need for effective program implementation;
  • Establish a Professional Learning Circle (or Community) to provide sufficient time for personalized professional learning, goal setting, and progress monitoring;
  • Ensure a minimum 120-minute literacy block for Kindergarten through to Grade 3 students;
  • Embrace a skill-based, rather than a grade-based, approach to classroom instruction;
  • Support web application use and internet access for classroom teachers.

The initial three years Applying theory in the classromof program implementation are considered ‘Capacity Building’ years, with enhanced professional development and support from The Learning Bar staff to ensure a successful implementation. Subsequent to that, schools may choose to move to a ‘Continuous Improvement’ program track when less intensive professional development and implementation support is required.

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